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Falcon is the premier investment bank providing sell-side and strategic advisory services to companies in the healthcare, technology, and commercial & industrial markets.

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HCIT: Technology Driven Healthcare Outcomes ​​​​​​​  

As we emerge from what we hope is the beginning of the “Post-Pandemic” period, HCIT is playing an ever-growing role in the care delivery, management, and payment in our healthcare Payer-Provider ecosystem.

—Ted Stack 
Managing Director and Co-founder at Falcon Capital Partners ​​​​​​​   

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Download our insights in our latest Industries in Flight paper on the HCIT segment – we have reviewed the market and highlighted some of the significant trends and changes affecting M&A dynamics and strategy. Curious about the Health Care IT M&A marketplace? Interested in learning how the highlighted HCIT trends will impact your business or investment thesis? Call Us!